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Elliott Hall - Owner

Elliott has been working in the Georgia Alcohol Industry for nearly a decade professionally (more if you count selling beer while in college haha). During this time Elliott has been able to work in all 3 tiers of the alcohol system: From working with retailers in on and off-premise, to working for one of the biggest distributors in Georgia and spending a couple years helping found and manage another craft brewery. He is extremely grateful to be a part of this exciting industry and is thankful for all the amazing people he has been able to work with so far. There’s not much separation between work and home life. If Elliott’s not working, then he and his wife can probably be found enjoying a local brewery, training for a race, or exploring Atlanta. This brewery is a long-term dream that he has been working toward for years and he is grateful to be able to share it with an amazing team.

  1. What’s you’re favorite type of beer?

    Tough question, but I’ve always been a big fan of a well-balanced ESB.

  2. What made you decide to get into the craft beer industry?
    While working at the distributor I got to work with a lot of people in the craft beer industry and I really enjoyed the whole vibe of the brewery industry. Also, I was an avid home-brewer so it seemed like a good fit.

  3. What makes you a Fire Maker? 

    Every since I was young my family taught me to be curious and work hard. Both traits have helped me become someone who loves to embrace the unknown challenges in life and learn from those experiences.

  4. Random Fact about you: 

    I’m working on my pilot’s license