Tyler Headshot.jpg

Tyler Cox - Head Brewer

Nearly 20 years ago, young Tyler decided to spend his parents’ hard-earned money on a BA in English. “You can do anything with an English degree!” knowledgeable people repeatedly assured him. Thus, Tyler joined the ever-growing parade of wide-eyed, underqualified adults with liberal arts degrees. After a few years navigating the post-collegiate haze searching for the elusive “anything” that was promised so long ago, Tyler had a moment of clarity as he stared into a pint of freshly filtered Kölsch. Unfortunately, he promptly forgot whatever it was that had seemed so important and went back to drinking beer. Soon after, on a whim, he talked his way into a job as the assistant brewer at a local brewpub despite having the mechanical aptitude of a hogfish and lacking any experience brewing, at home or otherwise. Now, more than a decade later, Tyler’s ability to talk himself into or out of trouble while writing world-class cover letters led him to Fire Maker Brewing. He touts himself as proof that you actually *can* do anything with an English degree (but he doesn’t recommend it). Tyler promises to keep the James Joyce allusions to a minimum while blaspheming classic beer styles.

  1. What's your favorite type of beer?

    I love most traditional German-style beers, but my favorite is the Vienna lager (shout out to Arches Brewing for their brilliant Mexican Empire Vienna Lager!). I appreciate subtlety and simplicity in my beers. We’ll sneak a few German-style brews into our lineup, because a happy head brewer means happy beer.

  2. What made you decide to get into the craft beer industry?

    Boredom. I began bartending at a brewpub after I graduated college as a way to decompress from the rigors of school. I knew nothing about beer at the time. Had a great coupla carefree years, then I started getting antsy. I talked my way into an assistant brewer job, figuring I’d do that for a year, learn a lot about beer, then move on to a “real job.” Well, this career got “real” real fast.

  3. What makes you a Fire Maker?

    To maintain sanity, I’ve gotta be challenged regularly. I love new ideas, new experiences, new projects. I can’t stand being in a situation where I’m not learning, and I’m not scared to take on new ventures or go outside of my comfort zone. Not surprisingly, Fire Maker is the third start-up brewery that I’ve run, each in a different state.

  4. Random Fact about you:

    One of my goals in life is to never learn how to tie a tie…but when I was a baby I modeled ties in the local newspaper.